CBS approves $11M worth of capital works projects

By Mark Squibb | July 22, 2021

The Town of CBS has officially approved $11 million worth of multiyear capital works projects, which include Phase 48 of Water and Sewer and pedestrian traffic lights both near Perrins Road and the Manuals Interpretation Centre.

At last week’s council meeting Ward 1 councillor and mayoral hopeful Darrin Bent said he couldn’t let the motion pass without highlighting Phase 48.

“That’s a brand-new water and sewer program, and that’s a return to water and sewer work by our town, and that’s an important thing to say to people so they know what’s going on,” said Bent.

Some $5.7 million has been budgeted for street paving and upgrades, the single largest budgeted item included in the motion.

Phase 48 of Water and Sewer is budgeted at $3 million, while stormwater upgrades to Steadywater Brook are budgeted at a million.

The pedestrian traffic lights, which have been demanded by residents following a dash cam video of a recent near miss, cost $450,000.

Some $700,000 has been budgeted for the Phase 47 Surface Course, which will conclude that phase of the town’s water and sewer work, while $187,100 has been earmarked for the Long Pond Costal Assessment Study.

Of the $11 million dollar price tag, the province will foot the bill for just over $5,580,000, while the town will pay just over $4,40,000. A GST Rebate will cover the remaining cost – just over a million dollars.

The money is marked to cover work that began as far back as last year and continue on to 2023.

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