Paradise struggling with fireworks enforcement

By Mark Squibb | June 10, 2021

You might not know it, but the Town of Paradise does not allow for the use of fireworks except on New Year’s Eve and Canada Day.

Councilor Alan English brought the matter to council’s attention during the June 1 meeting, when he noted that St. John’s recently approved a bylaw governing the use of fireworks. That bylaw would limit the use of fireworks to Canada Day and New Years Eve. Outside of those two days, residents can request a permit to set off fireworks, which would need to be approved by council.

“I believe this is something we should follow, or look into,” said English. “It may be something that all the municipalities in the metro area may wish to take part in. I know residents, even til’ today, and it’s been a long time since New Year’s Eve, but people are still talking about the fireworks here last year. And it’s a big issue for a lot of people.”

According to Mayor Dan Bobbett however, that policy is already in place.

“But, the enforcement is a different issue,” said Bobbett.

CAO Lisa Niblock confirmed that the regulations do indeed state that fireworks are to only be set off during those two holidays.

“But again, we’re struggling with the enforcement part of it when it happens,” she said.

Niblock explained that the Town had been in discussions with the City of St. Johns regarding enforcement, and that communities in the metro area are planning a joint public education piece related to fireworks in the coming weeks.

“We are going to do a combined education program with other municipalities, and trying to get that on the forefront before Canada Day, to let everyone know,” said Niblock, “Sometimes, I think we celebrate without realizing the impact we’re having on other individuals, and hopefully some education would help with that. But, the policy is already in place.”

Members of council noted that as far as they knew, the Town does not grant residents fireworks permits.

“There are a lot of people hurt by this, people who have animals in particular, dogs specifically,” English summarized.

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