Paradise council acts on privacy concerns

By Mark Squibb | June 3, 2021

The provincial Department of Transportation and Infrastructure will complete the road to the new school which runs along the Dianne Whalen Soccer Complex Driveway, Paradise councillors were told Tuesday.

“Clearing is already completed, and while the contractor was advised to maintain as much tree cover between the residents on Ravenwood Crescent (as possible), there are some rear yards that are completely open and visible to the new road,” said councillor Deborah Quilty. “Residents over there have expressed their concerns about the lack of privacy, especially given that this access road will eventually become a five-lane collector at some point in the future.”

Quilty said town staff had sought out pricing for a privacy fence, similar to those found along other collector roads in Mount pearl and St. Johns.

Staff reached out to four companies, two of which submitted quote for the eight-foot-tall, 150-foot, heavy duty fence. The lowest quote was $36,200 plus HST, for a total of $41,630 from Pro Edge Construction and maintenance.  

The Town had not budgeted for the work, but Quilty said there were funds available in the McNamara Drive sidewalk project.

Council approved the motion unanimously.

Several members of council expressed their approval of the decision, including mayor Dan Bobbett who noted it was a “long fence and a good price.”

Councillor Kimberly Street added she was glad to approve the motion as she had received many calls from residents who were quite upset at how exposed their homes had become.

“While they all understand the area would someday be developed, they did not expect exposure to this extent,” said Street. “This is another good example of the town working with residents in the area to find a solution.”

Councilor Alan English expressed his support of the motion, but asked if homeowners would have to agree to the installation of the fence.

Mayor Dan Bobbett pointed out the fence was actually on town property and, as confirmed by CAO Lisa Niblock, would not require approval of the residents. That explanation satisfied English.

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