Tilley outlines locations for traffic calming devices

By Chris Lewis | May 27, 2021

The Town of CBS is gearing up to lay down more traffic calming equipment.

During his public works committee report last week, Ward 3 councillor Gerard Tilley outlined the plan to spend some $40,000 on rapid flashing beacons and temporary speed cushions.

“Council is pleased to continue with our traffic calming program,” Tilley said.

In a follow-up after the meeting, Tilley said temporary speed humps will be laid out at all of the Town’s recreational spaces, which is an annual occurrence. This includes Red Bridge Road, Worsley Drive, Lion’s Crescent, Tilley’s Road North, and Station Road.

On top of that, digital feedback signs will be erected along Tilley’s Road South, Comerford’s Road, and Franks Road.

Rapid flashing beacons will be set up at a number of the town’s crosswalks, including two places along the Conception Bay Highway: one along Kitty Ade’s turn, and another at the intersection of Route 60 and Daniels Road in Seal Cove. More beacons will be set up at the crosswalks connecting Topsail Road to Monument Road and Mainsail Drive.

“We also have purchased a set of four extra speed cushions, but have yet to determine where they will go,” Tilley said.

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