Paradise selects firms for artificial turf project

By Chris Lewis | May 20, 2021

Paradise’s multi-sport turf facility has edged one step closer to finalization.

The Town allocated about $2-million to construct an artificial turf at the Diane Whelan Memorial Soccer Complex, with a call for proposals that issued and closed in early April.

During the May 4 meeting of council, councillor Patrick Martin reported there were six proposals received which were ranked on their technical and financial merits. A score out of 100 was given to each proponent to help decide which one would be the best fit for the project.

The proposals included the turf and lighting, but did not include the scoreboard, bleachers, fencing or flagpoles.

“However, the design work will be completed for all the items noted as part of the contract, which will enable staff to properly budget for the additional items in future budgets,” Martin said.

He noted there is a budgeted amount of $1.9-million for the turf field, with $10,000 allocated for a “high level” master plan for the complex.

Martin said the committee which reviewed the proposals recommended the Town enter into negotiations with GTR Turf Inc. and Shaw Sports Turf for the artificial turf design.

“The committee also recommends staff to confirm costs of the scaled back version of bleachers to be considered for this construction phase,” Martin said. “This will be discussed further at an upcoming recreation committee meeting.”

Councillor Kimberly Street questioned whether the project presents an opportunity for local businesses and community groups to provide the items not included in the RFP.

Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Laurie added there is a sponsorship package included in the project.

Chief Administrative Officer Lisa Niblock said the sponsorship package is mostly about naming rights.

“The Town is always open to any type of sponsorship from outside organizations as long as it aligns with the package we’ve built already,” she said.

Martin’s motion, meanwhile, carried unanimously.

“This has been a long time coming,” Martin said. “I know we have a lot of excited residents and kids and that this facility is going to be used quite a lot. I’m excited, and I know the rest of council is very excited, to see this get underway. I’m just very pleased to see this happening.”

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