Paradise says no to basement apartment

By Mark Squibb | May 20, 2021

An application to construct a single-family home with an apartment located within the residence has been met with a hard no from both council and residents.

Paradise council received 11 objections when they advertised a discretionary notice for a proposed single-family dwelling with a subsidiary apartment (or, an apartment located within the structure of the main home, such as a basement) on 85 Spracklin Boulevard.

“The Planning and Protective Services committee reviewed the objections and determined the proposed apartment is not conducive to the amenity of the surrounding and not in the public interest of the residents on that street,” said councilor Sterling Willis during the May 18 council meeting.

Council unanimously voted against the application.

Councilor Kimberly Street said she had heard several objections herself.

“There was a lot of concern from residents in this area, and I thought it was important to note that while there are a couple of registered apartments on this street, they were approved before the 2016 development regulations changed,” she said.

Councilor Patrick Martin echoed Street’s sentiments.

“There hasn’t been an apartment approved on that street since 2014,” said Martin.” And the last one was under the last plan that we had. And the last one that was put before council was rejected as well.

Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Laurie said although she feels for the applicant, it was important to consider the opinions expressed by others living on the street.

“I know that this applicant has expressed that a family member would be living there, and it’s probably not going to create much of an issue or concern, but the issue is that anything can change, nobody knows the future, that person may move on and that home is there with a permitted subsidiary apartment,” Laurie said.

As per the 2016 Town of Paradise Development Regulations, subsidiary apartments, along with home-based businesses, daycare centres, bed and breakfasts, and assisted living residential complexes, amongst others, are permitted in Residential Low Density (RLD) zones subject to a discretionary use notification.

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