Holyrood approves bike rental berth

By Mark Squibb | May 20, 2021

Holyrood council has approved a bike rental kiosk for the North Arm floating dock.

The town had five available berths at it’s North Arm dock, available for rent between May 15 and October 15 at a cost of $400 per berth.

“I just wanted to point out that this is another opportunity for residents and tourists alike to rent a bike and tour around the town of Holyrood,” said councilor Kimberly Ghaney. “And I think we’ve all seen that there has been an increase in bike usage over the last little while, so having the opportunity to rent a bike within the town boundaries at that location is certainly a positive addition.”

Other members of council agreed.

“I think this year we’ll see a huge increase in local tourism due to the travel restrictions globally,” said Mayor Kevin Costello. “So, it’s great that this business proponent has come forward, it’s a great idea.”

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