Carbonear council backs away from demolition … for now

By Chris Lewis | May 20, 2021

The Town of Carbonear had to play it safe last week regarding a draft order for the demolition of a property.

The order pertained to 98 White’s Road.

Councillor Vic Jenkins moved to approved the motion, but the rest of council were uncertain.

Councillor David Kennedy wanted to know in anyone was living inside the property.

Councillor Danielle Doyle said council shouldn’t be issuing such an order if that was unclear.

The specifics of the draft order stated there had been no correspondence received by the Town in response to its inquiries.

“Just because someone doesn’t correspond, we should still probably go knock on doors or find other means to find out if someone is living there,” Doyle said.

Deputy Mayor Chris O’Grady, who had attended a committee meeting when the property was discussed, said he understood the person living there had left the property vacant and was living with other family members.

Jenkins agreed with that assessment.

Kennedy countered that although this was council’s current understanding, it wasn’t certain.

“We’re assuming that it’s vacant … In any case, I can’t support that. A week or two won’t make any difference. That way we can go and check it out,” Kennedy said.

Mayor Frank Butt agreed, cautioning the Town has to be careful before demolishing a home.

Jenkins said the property is in “dire” need of repair.

Ultimately, it was decided the draft order would be deferred until council has more information available.

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