Holyrood receives emergency funds

By Mark Squibb | May 6, 2021

All that snow clearing might be paying off.

The Town of Holyrood has received over $30,000 in funding from the provincial Emergency Services Division to help cover costs of snow clearing during Snowmageddon.

“In relation to Snowmageddon in 2020, the town of Holyrood did submit a claim to government in relation to additional costs that were incurred during the storm for snow clearing and other things that popped up,” said Mayor Kevin Costello during the April 13 meeting. “So, I’m happy to inform everybody that our submitted proposal for $31,755 has been approved by the government.”

Costello said that money should be deposited within 14 days of receiving approval, which was April 12.

“It’s a very positive piece of correspondence from the government,” said Costello. “It’s great that they’re giving out some money to help towns with the unprecedented snow conditions that we experienced in January of 2020.”

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