French hoping CBS will be a big draw for visitors to Canada Summer Games

By Chris Lewis | May 6, 2021

Conception Bay South Mayor Terry French says the town is excited to be a part of this province’s hosting of the Canada Summer Games in 2025.

The Games were officially awarded to St. John’s, but they are so big, the city is having to rely on sister municipalities to help with the load.

St. John’s last hosted the Summer Games 44 years ago, in 1977. The City of Corner Brook was home to the 1999 Winter Games.

French said it is a huge opportunity not just for the province, but for Conception Bay South in particular to experience the benefits of staging a national event.

The Town will host sailing competitions out of the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club and soccer games at Topsail Turf.

“So, we’ve got two sports that are going to be showcased here in our Town,” French said.

Of course, this will come at a cost yet to be determined, but French said that will be small in the face of the benefits the Town will see long after the Games are over.

“Our soccer field, for example, needs no work as far as I know,” French said. “From a sailing perspective, we’d assist with the organizing committee on things like traffic control and other things like that. But, that’s a small price to pay for having the opportunity to showcase your town on a national stage.”

French is also hoping visitors attending Games events in neighbouring towns will make day trips to CBS as well.

“This event is going to bring thousands of people to our province, and this is usually a two-week event,” he noted. “People will participate in the first week and then hang around for the second week, that’s pretty common with this kind of event. I’m hoping that Conception Bay South will become the ideal one-day destination. If you’re staying in St. John’s, you can make a trip out to come walk on our trails, eat at our restaurants and cafes, and just spend some time and money in here. That’s a spinoff that I’m hoping to achieve aside from the actual sporting event itself.”

The Town itself was also involved in the Games back in 1977, when sailing events were held here then too.

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