Holyrood council decries graffiti

By Mark Squibb | April 29, 2021

Recent acts of graffiti along the boardwalk near Route 60 is not being taken lightly by Holyrood council.

“In the past number of weeks and months we’ve been experiencing some acts of vandalism, and this is definitely not acceptable in our town,” said Mayor Kevin Costello during the April 12 meeting. “The damage to property includes murals at the boardwalk, and it’s definitely a faint-hearted act of inappropriate behavior which is not welcome in our town at all.”

The graffiti, which covers a long stretch of the boardwalk, was first reported to police on April 1. It’s the second such incident since February.

Costello said the graffiti was of great concern to council and should be a great concern for all residents.

“Council, as well as every single resident, needs to ensure that our town remains a safe place to live, and raise our families,” said Costello. “So, what I’m asking for everybody tonight, on behalf of myself and my council colleagues, I’m asking anybody that has information in relation to these acts to please reach out to the RCMP or the Town. This will give us the opportunity to try and stop this nonsense. The RCMP do have an active casefile on this issue. They also have enacted the help of Crime Stoppers to gather anonymous tips, and Crime Stoppers is offering an award that can lead to the arrest and conviction of the persons or people responsible for this.”

Other councilors too decried the graffiti, along with recent incidents of littering, but with perhaps none with more fervor than councilor Kim Ghaney

“It’s very, very disheartening to see these things,” said Ghaney. “The graffiti is, in a word, depreciable, in my mind. I can’t condemn it strongly enough,” said Ghaney. “It’s terrible behavior, and I truly hope that someone will come forward and give us some information as to who’s responsible for these acts. And of course, the trash. I don’t understand that at all. If people would just not litter, what a lovely community we would have.”

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