Kind deeds welcome in Spaniard’s Bay

By Mark Squibb | April 8, 2021

Spaniard’s Bay councilor Eric Jewer took a moment during a recent council meeting to encourage residents to do some good for others.

He said that he has noticed less seniors out and about during the pandemic, and suggested folks keep on eye out for those who may need a helping hand.

“If we have any amount of snow or anything, check on your neighbors if they’re seniors,” said Jewer. “A lot of them won’t come out. If you could just shovel off the back step for them, I am sure they would be very thankful. Help your neighbor out. It’s a time, with everything on the go, to be kind.”

By way of good deeds, earlier in the meeting council discussed the importance of folks keeping fire hydrants clear of snow and applauded those who go out of their way to clear up fire hydrants around town.

Councilor Paul Ryan had words for those who do the opposite.

“I’ve noticed in a couple of places people are piling up snow around fire hydrants— stop that,” he admonished.

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