Town moves to rein in equestrian business

By Chris Lewis | Mar. 18, 2021

An equestrian business that fell under the Town’s radar has been asked to cease operations.

The Town of Conception Bay South received an application to approve an equestrian business along Lawrence Pond Road West on Jan. 21. During Tuesday’s public meeting, council voted to order the business to cease its operations.

According to councillor-at-large Rex Hillier, who chairs the planning and development committee, the business does not fall in accordance with the discretionary authority in the Town’s development regulations.

An animal, he explained, is not listed as a permitted or discretionary use in a residential low-density zone.

As well, a part of the same business that is located in a rural zone does not meet with a Town regulation that requires a business that is open to the public to front onto a public road.

Hillier noted the business had actually been operating without council’s knowledge.

“This is a business that’s been operating for some time that we’ve just become aware of,” Hillier said. “At this point in time, the business does not comply with a bunch of our development regulations and we’re not able to give them a permit to operate. We’re asking them to cease operations.”

The motion was carried unanimously by council.

One thought on “Town moves to rein in equestrian business

  • Pierre Gauvreau

    Council changed zoning rules to accommodate their plan in Community Park to allow things that would never otherwise be allowed.

    But in this instance: shut ‘er down.

    Double standard much?


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