Holyrood’s communication plan spokesman unavailable for comment

By Mark Squibb | Feb. 4, 2021

The Town of Holyrood is implementing a new communication plan that will allow for more engagement with residents on key matters of interest.

That’s according to a press release issued by the Town on January 28.

The release comes following backlash from some members of the public and former mayor Gary Goobie, who resigned January 20 citing significant internal issues within council that were not being dealt with, some of them related to council’s approval in principle of a brewery application.

The Shoreline reached out to Deputy Mayor Curtis Buckle, who is listed as the media contact for the communications plan, but did not receive a response.

Attempts to reach Buckle the previous week were also unsuccessful.

It has not yet been declared whether Buckle will assume the position of mayor, or whether council will hold an election among its sitting members to determine the holder. Also unclear is whether the Town will hold a by-election to fill the vacant seat ion the chamber, or wait until the regular September municipal election.

Buckle’s press release did not mention if there is a cost associated with the new communication plan, or if a consultant has been hired.

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