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Holyrood council hopes to save cost of new well

By Mark Squibb | Jan. 28, 2021

Engineering fees for water improvements in Holyrood originally priced at $8,185 will now cost the Town of Holyrood $59,912, an increase of over $51,700.

“The change in the scope of work was necessary to accommodate findings from an investigation by engineers, discussions with the Town, and the Groundwater Resources Division (of the provincial government) which indicates Well # 7 has never had a 72-hour pump test completed as per the Division requirements, nor as part of the 2016 permit issued for the well,” explained councillor Jim Joy during the January 19 meeting of council.

“This pump test is required by the Groundwater Resources Division,” said Joy, adding that a previous motion of council approved on December 8 had inadvertently flipped the numbers, stating the initial cost to be $51,758 and the increase in fees to be $8,185. The new motion corrects that error.

Council hopes the work will potentially save the town money down the road.

“The project is aimed at improving the quality and quantity of the water system in Holyrood,” said Joy.

He noted the test will determine if Well # 7 draws from the same source as Wells 5 and 6, as well as determine the pump capacity of Well 7, and the capacity of the three wells. The test will also help determine if Well # 8, currently not in use, draws from the same source as the other three wells, which could result in the reactivation of that well.

“If Well # 8 can be reactivated, it will eliminate the drilling of a new well, which can be costly,” said Joy.

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