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Paradise plans for slight arena upgrades

By Mark Squibb | Dec. 22, 2020

Patrons of the Double Ice Complex should expect some slight upgrades around the building.

The first upgrade won’t be visible, but it’s absence would certainly be felt.

At last week’s public council meeting, members voted to update the software that controls the heating system in the building.

Council voted unanimously for ControlPro Inc. to provide the heating system software update at a cost of $11,948, HST included.

Paradise will also be putting some money towards fitting out a new seating area in the complex, which in addition to the two ice sheets also hosts a café, meeting rooms, and other facilities.

“We have been talking about this on the committee for the last couple of years, trying to get some furniture for the area to make it a little bit more appealing, and a little bit homey,” explained councillor Patrick Martin, chairman of the Recreation and Community Services Committee.

The Town put out a limited call to obtain bids for providing and installing seating. Three bids came in, and the council voted to award the contract to Dicks and Company in the amount of $16,168, HST included.

Both items were budgeted in 2020.

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