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Bay Roberts ballfield to get lights

By Mark Squibb | Nov. 26

The Town of Bay Roberts has awarded a tender in the amount of $316,277 to CanAm Platforms & Construction Ltd. for new ballfield lighting.

There was some discussion on whether that tender price would include new dehumidifiers, as the tender was for ballfield lighting and stadium dehumidifier upgrades.

“I’m 99 percent sure that’s just the ballfield lighting,” said councillor Dean Franey, who noted the Town had already awarded the dehumidifier upgrade.

“I’ll have to check with the director, but I’m pretty sure councillor Franey is right,” agreed Chief Administrative Officer Nigel Black. “What happens is the project name was called Ballfield Lighting and Stadium Dehumidifier. It was all lumped into one project.”

Councillor Silas Badcock raised a concern about the awarding of the tender.

“This is the company that put up our building at the recreation complex, where we’re having trouble with the roof?” asked Badcock.

Black confirmed it was.

Badcock said it didn’t make sense to him to award the contract unless the roof was fixed first. Black replied that the company met all the requirements of the tender, which had been reviewed by Municipal Affairs and the Town’s consultant, Crosbie Engineering.

“There’s no way in the world we can say, ‘Fix our roof before you get this contract?’” asked Babcock.

Black said the roof is being fixed and there is no outstanding claim against the company.

“There was an outstanding problem with the roof, and they’re fixing it,” said Black.

Councillor Geoff Seymour asked how much interest there was in the tender, and Franey said that there were 10 bids— including one from a company from Nova Scotia.

“There’s not much work out there, I’ll put it to you that way. So people are going after whatever they can get,” said Franey.

Council voted to approve the tender for the ballfield lighting.

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