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Paradise stocking up water and sewer supply inventory

By Mark Squibb | Oct. 15

The Town of Paradise will be shoring up on their water and sewer infrastructure to mitigate shortfalls from potential unexpected emergencies.

Councillor Deborah Quilty, chair of the infrastructure and public works committee, said that in light of excessive snowfall last January, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the committee recommended it’s best the Town have necessary water and sewer supplies on hand.

“Public Works purchases numerous water and sewer supplies through the year as need be to carry our infrastructure repairs,” Quilty noted during the September 15 public council meeting.

“After Snowmageddon, and now during COVID, it became apparent that getting the proper supplies to complete the infrastructure repairs was not that easily acceptable due to delivery and availability at the time, and in addition, after completing the Greenbelt training it is evident that having a greater supply of equipment and supplies in inventory can result in quicker response time,” explained Quilty.

The Greenbelt training referenced by Quilty is the Leading Edge program, a leading and management program in which participates can become certified at different ‘belt’ levels. Some 55 Paradise employers have earned their Green belt.

Quilty went on to note that the Town had recently reached out to their water and sewer parts supplier for a quote on numerous parts, including fire hydrant parts, water and sewer pipe, force main pipe and valves.

A quote was supplied by in the amount $20,700, plus HST. Funds for the material will come from the environmental services budget.

Similarly, earlier in the meeting council had approved the purchase of snow clearing equipment to have on hand — just in case.

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