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Topsail Beach residents suggest more moves for council

By Chris Lewis | Sept. 3, 2020

Noise and traffic levels are all on the list of concerns for residents of Topsail Beach Road.

A group of the residents have been raising concerns with CBS council since about the time that in COVID-19 first struck the province.

Ward 1 councillor Darrin Bent initially brought forth their concerns at a council meeting on Aug. 11, pointing out that Topsail Beach Road is inevitably going to see more activity as closures of public areas due to the pandemic leaves people looking for places to visit, and Topsail Beach being especially attractive because of its shoreline.

There have been LED signs installed in the area, he noted at that time, that make drivers aware of when the parking lot is full. The Town also hired an engineering firm to assess the issues and how – or if – council could remedy them.

Bent said the goal was simply to make Topsail Beach Road a safer environment for those living there, as well as those travelling the road.

On Tuesday, at council’s regular public meeting, Bent reported on a recent meeting held between some residents of Topsail Beach Road and members of council in the wake of those changes. He described it as being very productive, with plenty of great suggestions from residents about how these issues can properly be tackled.

“A number of the concerns, and a number of the suggestions raised by the residents are currently being considered by staff,” Bent said, who did go into specifics. “We are having an engagement done of some of the proposals that were pointed out in the engineering report, and we hope to have that information back soon, along with further suggestions made by residents.”

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