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The Stores are opening

By Mark Squibb | Sept. 3, 2020

The Stores in Holyrood has its first tenant.

Deputy Mayor Curtis Buckle announced the news during the August 18 meeting of council.

Julie Young and Gary Young would be opening Holyrood Health Centre in the fall of 2020 in the newly erected building at 1 Blue Ocean Drive, just off the roundabout.

The building will incorporate some businesses that already exist in the community.

“Holyrood Health Centre is a multi-disciplinary health centre focused on whole body wellness, and will be home to Medicine Cabinet, PharmaChoice, Holyrood Wellness Centre, and Dr. Walsh’s family practice,” said Buckle. “The Town continues to work on new business interest with several companies as we work through location and permit requirements. We hope to continue to build our business offerings to complete gaps in various sectors. Interest in the town is great, we just need to work with the investors to reach their development goals.”

Planning for The Stores site goes as far back as 2015, when the old rubber plant was demolished to make way for new development.

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