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Holyrood awards contract to tackle ATV use

By Mark Squibb | August 6, 2020

The Town of Holyrood has awarded an ATV study contract to Tract Consulting for $11,212, HST included.

The study will be used to create a “T’Railway Strategy.”

“It will assess opportunities and challenges associated with trail development options and their operational and management scenarios,” said councillor Roger Myette. “It will also access implications of the Town of Holyrood acquiring a lease for the T’railway section of the town from the province.”

Myette moved the motion that council proceed with the Tract contract and the resulting strategy.

“It’s not necessarily to remove motorized vehicles from the T’Railway,” he explained. “I make that very clear. It’s looking at ways of getting around issues that people are bringing forward. So all theses issues are being brought to Tract Consulting and they will have a look and try to figure out the options that we have, and come back to us, and let us know the recommendations that they have.”

Councillor Jim Joy added there has been a steady increase in ATV usage both on the T’railway and on town roads.

“We’ve seen a significant number of complaints regarding the unsafe use of ATVs,” he said. “And, just to highlight, it is illegal to operate ATVs on public roads, and that is a problem. Council continues to work with the RCMP and Town staff to monitor the issues and concerns. Our hope is that pedestrians, cyclists, and ATV users can co-exist on our T’Railway. But, if this continues to be an issue, council will have to look at other options to ensure the public’s safety.”

Councillor Kimberly Ghaney said it is important to hear from everyone, no matter which side of the debate.

“Once Tract Consulting brings back their report, their recommendations, ultimately it will be the responsibility of council to determine what to do with that report,” said Ghaney.

She argued most ATV users act responsibly, but there are a few who risk ruining it for everyone.

Myette’s motion passed unanimously.

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