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Spaniard’s Bay awards 2020 road updating and paving

Spaniard’s Bay council held a special meeting on July 8 in council chambers— the first since provincial restrictions around COVID-19 came into place.

The meeting was held specifically to award the tender for the 2020 Roads Upgrading and Paving Contract

Town Manager Tony Ryan explained that three companies had submitted a bid by the close of bids on Friday, July 3: CW Parsons Ltd at $236,205 plus HST, for a total of $271,636. Farrell’s Excavating Ltd., submitted a bid for $228,640 plus HST for a total of 262,936, and Concord Paving Ltd $131,061 plus HST, for a total of $150,720.

He recommended the Town make a motion to award Concord Paving the contract, which was done by councillor Eric Jewer, and approved unanimously.

Roads include Costello’s Road, Blandford’s Road, Delaney’s Crescent Phase 2, Chipman’s Crescent, Jone’s Road plus approximately 150 ft beyond end of existing pavement, Collins Lane (Back Cove), Sheppard’s Hill, Sheppard’s Lane, Meadow Road, Smith’s Road in Tilton, Ryan’s Road, the top of Anthony’s Road, and the Town Hall Parking Lot.

Ryan anticipated that work would start in two to three weeks.

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