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Second change order for Paradise Road Phase 4

By Mark Squibb | June 25, 2020

Paradise council has approved a second change order for work on Paradise Road, this time to accommodate the needs of individual property owners on the street.

“The design of Paradise Road Phase 4 is ongoing by the selected consultant, Pinnacle Engineering. During the course of the design, Pinnacle has been required to coordinate with other projects, both public and private, which were not identified under the original scope of the PCA agreement,” explained councillor Deborah Quilty. “Individual reinstatement plans for residents were also prepared as it was anticipated that there may be substantial changes to the grading near their properties.”

The change order totals some $11,610 plus HST, which covers the additional coordination efforts carried out by the consultants.

The cost was broken down by St. Thomas Line coordination at $2,165, individual reinstatements plans for proprieties at $6,887, and coordination with a private developer at $2,257.

The total cost of Phase 4 is $ 2,716,638, with provincial and federal governments both contributing roughly $821,000.

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