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Bay watchers flocking to Topsail Beach

Topsail Beach Road has become a rather busy area as of late.

With more traffic comes more noise, as residents in the area of Topsail Beach Road have come to discover. At both the May 19th and June 16th meeting of council in Conception Bay South, the concerns of these residents were brought forward by council members. At the latter meeting, it was councillor Darrin Bent who acted as the voice for those residents.

He said that, over the last two weeks leading up to that meeting, council has installed an LED sign that encourages slower rates of speed. As well, the Town has contracted an engineering firm that will review the area in order to provide council with some possible solutions – both short term and long term, Bent noted – to these issues.

“We’re working with staff to have a greater presene there during the busiest times. Warm, sunny days, mostly,” he added. “This has also extended past sundown.”

The staff Bent mentioned includes both recreation and municipal enforcement employees.

These new implementations to the area, according to Bent, will carry on for the remainder of the summer season at the very least. He noted that the Town has also been working with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) to maintain a solid presence in the Topsail Beach Road area.

“This is very obvious to beachgoers over the past few weeks that the RNC has taken on a greater presence there. We’re still awaiting guidance from the engineering firm for guidance on (this issue) and we’re hoping to have an update on it soon, and be able to talk with residents regarding the findings, and where we can go from here to help make things better for the people there,” Bent said.

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