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Get ‘er done, says CBS council

If you’ve been looking to save a few dollars when you put up a new fence, now may be the time to do it.

During Tuesday night’s regular meeting of council in Conception Bay South, council announced a plan to waive permit fees for decks, fences, general repairs and accessory buildings beginning June 1, and for the remainder of the year.

Deputy Mayor Richard Murphy made the motion, stating the town recognizes the financial struggles many people are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Council strives to reduce the financial burden for its residents, and believes the best place for resident’s money is in their own pockets,” Murphy said. “That is certainly the case during these challenging times.”

Murphy noted that due to the restrictions laid out by the provincial and federal governments, summer vacations are turning into staycations for just about everyone. As a result, the town saw an opportunity for residents to invest in upgrades to their homes.

By having council eliminate permit fees for these types of projects, he argued, people may be in a better financial position, and more inclined to make renovations.

“This will subsequently help support local businesses as well,” Murphy said, adding residents are still required to make permit applications and comply with development regulations. “Even in these hard times, the town continues to accept permits, and in some areas, is even doing better than last year.”

Murphy said the town is simply trying to make life more affordable for its residents.

“This helps local businesses – people will go out and buy paint, or fencing, or whatever they need to build on a piece to their home or garage or shed,” added Mayor Terry French.

Not only do such policies make CBS look attractive to future residents, he noted, it also helps stimulate the local economy. “Everything that we can do as a council, we’re doing it,” said the mayor.

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