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CBS says yea to business, nay to signage

A business in Conception Bay South was approved, but with some unusual rules in place.

During a regular meeting of council that was livestreamed via YouTube on Tuesday evening, an application was presented to council seeking to operate a home-based business on Boggans Meadow in Topsail.

That business was listed as a cake, pastry and cookie baking and decorating business. Council approved the application with no qualms, but there were still some unusual restrictions laid out for the operators.

The first condition is that there cannot be any signage erected on the property related to the business. As well, it must be operated strictly as a delivery-only business, prohibiting the pickup of any finished product from the location on Boggans Meadow.

The application was presented during the recommendations made by the planning and development committee, chaired by councillor Rex Hillier. Hillier explained that Boggans Meadow is a very small cul-de-sac, and that the Town wanted to avoid adding any increased traffic to the relatively small area.

“So, we’re just asking that the proprietor make the deliveries, rather than people coming in to pick it up,” Hillier said.

Councillor Darrin Bent, who represents Ward 1 where the business is located, said the application’s approval showcased the town’s support of local business by trying to accommodate this particular enterprise despite the circumstances.

“It’s also important that any of these home-based businesses that we do allow don’t interfere or disrupt the peaceful enjoyment of the neighbourhood by area residents that are there,” Bent said.

He added that by allowing the business to operate in such a small area by doing deliveries only, the town had found something of a middle ground between supporting a local business and maintaining the integrity of the area.

“I think that by allowing the business as a delivery only and not a pickup, we’ve addressed the key concern of some residents, and at the same time have found a way for the business to operate,” he allowed. “As long as the rules are followed, we’ve seen in other cases that things work out. Hopefully, this will work out as well.”

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