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East end T’Railway closed for repairs following Snowmageddon

By Chris Lewis | Vol. 32 No. 51 (March 5, 2020)

Snowmageddon 2020 ended in January, but the aftermath of the blizzard is still apparent.

Following a record-breaking winter storm that ravaged large portions of the east coast of the province back in January of this year, some communities are still struggling to deal with the end result, which left some parts of the island nearly destroyed.

Conception Bay South is among that list. Not only did the inner harbour breakwater suffer severe damage, so too did the west end T’Railway. Currently, the T’Railway is closed off while the town works on repairing what was left behind in the wake of the January storm.

Mayor Terry French said that it comes out to approximately 10-kilometres of damaged T’Railway.

“Widespread repairs like this don’t happen overnight, and although we started restoration as soon as possible, we’re looking at a long recovery process,” said the mayor. “A focus for us right now is making the public aware of the safety hazards this storm has caused. The portion of the trailway that is closed should not be used at any time – it’s just not safe.”

The west end closure ranges from Delaney’s Road to Indian Pond Place. The eastern end of the T’Railway, which goes from Delaney’s Road to Spruce Hill Road, is still open. On top of that, the Gateway Trail –from the Kiwanis Club of Kelligrews to the Sgt. Ted Nugent Field – will also remain open.

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