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Extra funds

By Chris Lewis | Vol. 32 No. 48 (Feb. 13, 2020)

The Town of Conception Bay South has some extra money to play with.

Deputy Mayor Richard Murphy informed council last week that the town has over $300,000 in funds to re-allocate after the Municipal Assessment Agency made them aware of the extra monies.

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment advised council that there was funding available in the 2014-2017 multi-year capital works program, which is nearing its expiry.

Murphy explained the amount comes to $331,236 before rebates and cost-share ratios are applied, and that the department has requested direction on how council would like to re-allocate the money.

Murphy made a motion that approval be given to re-allocate $318,627 of it to the 2018 street upgrading program, which is still in progress.

“The Town of Conception Bay South agrees to provide a municipal share value of $86,604,” Murphy said, going on to re-allocate a further $12,609 to the same 2018 street upgrading program. For that second portion, the town has agreed to pitch in $3,430.

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