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Counting the cost

Paradise pays managers overtime for storm work

By Mark Squibb | Vol. 32 No. 46 (Feb. 6, 2020)

The Town of Paradise will be paying it smanagers overtime pay for extra hours logged during the Jan. 17 blizzard and the days of clean up following the storm.

“The Town facilities here remained closed on Friday, Jan. 17, and Monday, Jan. 20, as conditions remained impassable in the region. During this time, however, Town Staff, were absolutely incredible,” said deputy mayor Elizabeth Laurie. “Our managers and our staff showed true leadership in ensuring that essential workers and residents were safe at all times.”

Laurie noted that seven management level employees worked 268 overtime hours over a nine-day period from Jan.17 to Jan.25.

Those hours total $13,471 in overtime pay.

“Management, your Worship, are not usually paid for overtime hours, however, due to the extreme situation and the number of hours worked, compensation is recommended,” Laurie said. “We may receive some criticism for paying our managers, but I want to caution people, that this is $13,000. It would cost of a hell of a lot more if our managers didn’t step up… Can you imagine were we would be if we didn’t have them working those extra hours?”

The motion was passed unanimously.

The actual costs of snow clearing, however, is yet to be determined.

On Dec. 18, the Town issued a request for qualifications from snow clearing contractors. Council officially adopted the list, which includes seven local vendors. It’s that list that the Town will use to bolster its snow clearing effort, if necessary, up to a limit of $160,000.

Councillor Patrick Martin asked if there was a cost estimate available on snow clearing costs during the blizzard.

“I’d say it’s still being compiled. Obviously, we did go out and hire some private contractors — and good thing we had the list in place already — so they will be submitting bills,” replied Mayor Dan Bobbett.

Chief Administrative Officer Lisa Niblock noted that anything above budget would have to come back to council for approval.

There was no further discussion.

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