Holyrood moves on small lots

By Chris Lewis   |   The Shoreline (Vol. 31 No. 51; March 6 2019)

An upcoming zoning change in Holyrood may provide better living opportunities for some residents.

During its regular public meeting last week, Holyrood council resolved the town would carry through with a zone for small dwellings.

Mayor Gary Goobie said it’s a step in the right direction – a sentiment the other councillors in the room agreed with.

“We have many residents who have indicated to us – and I’m sure we’ve all heard it – that they’re at a point in their lives where they’d like to downsize,” Goobie said. “The property that they have now is much too big, and there’s a lot to maintain. They’d like to offload that and move to some smaller living arrangements. I think this residential small lot fits the bill, fits that need that’s been there for a long time in the community.”

Since council started considering the idea, staff have identified an area to accommodate the new zoning, which was the final component to the project’s continuation, explained Chief Administrative Officer Gary Corbett.

The zone starts near Flood’s Road and runs east for an extended area towards St. John’s.

The plan is to erect two signs – one at each end of the zone – indicating to developers that it is available for small lot development. Corbett said meetings have already taken place between the Town and real estate agents, hoping to get the message out to their respective developers.

On top of this, he said conversations have also been had with landowners in the area.

“I think, going forward, that everybody feels as though this is a match for that area, and hopefully time will tell, and it’ll be a positive change,” Corbett added.

Deputy Mayor Curtis Buckle said the new lots should be a very beneficial addition to the community, given the success of a similar zone located in Seal Cove in neighbouring Conception Bay South.

“That (development) took off really well, and the houses are beautifully laid out,” said Buckle. “It’s a small lot obviously, but the houses all fit there really nicely. It’s a really nice area.”

Buckle said small lots provide a cheaper housing option for young couples or other new homeowners looking for a relatively easy start to land ownership.

Goobie said seniors in the community could also benefit greatly.

“I spoke to many residents, particularly seniors who have lost a loved one, and now they’ve got these big homes and properties to try and maintain, and they’re finding that they just can’t do it on their own,” Goobie said. “They’re aging, and now they’re on their own. They’re telling me they want to downsize, but they certainly don’t want to move out of the community. This is the kind of development that they’re looking for. I think there’s definitely going to be a bit of interest in this over the next little while.”

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