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Putting on the ritz: Paradise woman wants you to try musical theatre- for free

By Mark Squibb   |   Vol. 31 No. 49 (February 20 2019)

Courtney Fowler says that in the performing arts, as with many things in life, the first step is usually the hardest.

She says that’s why she’s giving both youth and adults the opportunity to try performing- at no cost.

“I really enjoy giving an opportunity to people that normally wouldn’t go after these types of opportunities,” says Fowler, who runs the Courtney Fowler Performance Academy in CBS.

She has put out a call for singers from ages six to youth to participate in free community youth and adult choirs, to perform this March.

“I give them the opportunity to do as little, or as much, as they like,” explained Fowler, who says that many people who choose to start out with small parts, or even as onstage extras, gradually move into larger roles.

Fowler says that one thing that helps build people’s confidence is spending time with seasoned performers- who themselves are sometimes still anxious before a show.

“They say, ‘These people are really good at what they do, and they’re still nervous about going on stage, so maybe I can do it.’”
And Fowler hopes that soon, she’ll be able to offer some free sessions to an even younger crowd.

She put out a call to see if parents would be interested in bringing newborns and toddlers to a free, once a week, music playgroup.

“Music for young children is super important. It can teach them language and math,” explained Fowler.

She says she will be teaching parents simple music games that incorporate important fundamentals, games which parents can then play at home with their children.

The response to the inquiry has been positive, she adds, with many parents showing an interest.

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