Wharf application floats with council

By Chris Lewis  |  The Shoreline  |  Vol. 31 No. 48

Following a Planning and Development committee meeting held on Jan. 29, the Town of Conception Bay South is ready to approve a proposed floating wharf in the Long Pond area.

During a regular meeting of council on Feb. 5, Coun. Rex Hillier spoke on an application received in early December of 2018 proposing a floating dock at water lot #77, which is adjacent to a property on Bishops Road. The area falls under the residential low-density zone, where boat houses, wharves, and docks are listed as a discretionary use.

After the application was received, the town issued a public notice, wherein residents could express any concerns or issues they may have with the proposal.

Hillier noted there were some objections. He said some residents raised concerns about access to the ponds and water lots, not being able to get to small boats docked in the area, or simply not being able to get down to walk along the coastline.

“This is not a new water lot. Basically, what we’re doing here is we’re moving an existing water lot some distance to the west so that it can line up with the property on 49 Bishops Road, which would be the owner of that lot,” Hillier said.

After hearing these concerns, council deduced there were things that could be mitigated or avoided, or simply not applicable to the proposed wharf.

The motion to approve the application was carried by a unanimous vote.

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