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Dinn antes, nobody calls

By Mark Squibb | The Shoreline | Vol. 31 No. 47 (February 6 2019)

The Town of Paradise is giving back to the community, but if departing councillor Paul Dinn had his way, his soon to be former colleagues would be digging into their own pockets too.

During Tuesday’s council meeting, the town voted to donate $1,000 to the Community Food Sharing Association (CFSA), in response to the loss of the association’s main warehouse to a devasting fire on Wednesday, Jan. 30.

That warehouse was full of food at the time.

Wanda Hillier, Chairperson for the CFSA, accepted the donation.

“I cry every time somebody brings something in,” said Hillier, who noted the province’s overwhelmingly generous response.

“We’re almost fully stocked already… I don’t have words, other than thank you very much.”

The decision was passed unanimously, though Coun. Paul Dinn raised concerns as to where the funds were coming from.

“As a town we’re collecting at every event, and we’ve asked residents to contribute to the food bank… it’s easy to donate someone else’s funds,” he said during what was his last meeting as a Paradise councillor. Later this month he’ll be sworn in as the PC MHA for Topsail – Paradise District.

“I’d like to see the councillors donate the thousand between them,” he said. “If we’re asking people to donate, I think it means more if we ourselves donate the money, as opposed to taking town money.”

Dinn’s challenge was unanswered.

The $1,000 was given in accordance with the Town’s donation policy.

In addition, Ryder in Paradise also donated a truck for residents to ‘pack’ with donations for the association. That truck is parked outside the Paradise Double Ice Complex.

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