Martin seeing blue when it comes to recycling program

The Shoreline | Vol. 31 No. 46 (January 30 2019)

Patrick Martin is asking his colleagues on Paradise council to consider expanding the Town’s recycling program to take more cardboard.

At last week’s meeting, Martin asked for an update on a request he made some time ago to install a collection bin for cardboard at some central point in the community.

“We are doing some major things on recycling and how we look at recycling, and how we can promote recycling,” said Mayor Dan Bobbett. “That’s still at the committee level, basically looking at the different items that we use or implement.”

Bobbett noted there are still some recycling depots around, including one at Kenmount Road Extension.

“I’m not sure that they take cardboard up there,” said Martin.
“They take some, but they don’t take the bulk amounts,” the mayor allowed. “But that’s what you’re talking about, a large amount of cardboard?”

Martin said another thing the Town should look at is possibly incorporating blue bins into its garbage collection program.
“I know it’s a budget item (for a future year),” Martin said, suggesting the cost of refitting the garbage truck to accommodate the blue recycling bins be examined at the committee level.

“It’s something that we can look at, trying to ramp up our recycling initiatives,” said Bobbett.

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