Keeping better track of things

By Craig Westcott|The Shoreline - January 16, 2019 Edition (Vol. 32 No. 44) 

Keeping tabs on how things are going at the Town Hall and throughout Holyrood’s municipal operations may become easier and more detailed this year if the purchase of a software work tracking system works out.

Councillor Jim Joy said he was glad to see the Town set aside money in this year’s municipal budget to buy the program.

“It will provide a system for recording, tracking and monitoring all work requests,” Joy noted. “As a growing town we are dealing with increased work demands which are generated from a variety of sources. Some involve small work items, while others are maintenance or project types of a larger nature… And it’s most important that we have the ability to respond to all work requests in an effective and timely manner. Such a system will not only allow us to monitor our work requests, but will provide instant information on what resources are required as we schedule and plan our work… So, I think this will be very beneficial in the provision of services to residents and the operation of public works.”

In other public works related news, Joy tabled a motion calling on the Town to apply to the province’s multi-year capital works program for funding to complete cribbing and armour stone at North Arm. Joy described the work as phase one of an effort to upgrade and provide “disaster mitigation” in the area.

The councilor pointed out that if the application is approved, the Town will be able to draw upon funds left over from previous multi-year capital works programs.

“It will only cover a portion of the project and other sources of money such as Gas Tax (funding) will be needed, but I’m very pleased and the committee is very pleased that we have changed the use of this money to start this much needed work,” Joy said.

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