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Want to save money at the Town Hall? Cut the councillors, says resident

Letter to the Editor

Its that time again when the Town of CBS decides whether to raise taxes or not. I would like for our councillors to take this in consideration: Why not look into their own house to find savings as all of us did when the provincial government decided to raise the sales tax, reinstate insurance tax, discontinue the rebate on home heating oil and put a tax on people earning over a certain amount (a Head Tax).

Do they have to have so many pieces of equipment? Are there too many employees? Do we have too many councillors? Are we spending too much on repetitive jobs which if fixed properly wouldn’t have to be done over and over.

It’s too late now, but did we need such an elaborate Fire Hall or Town Hall?

What is the $6,000 being spent for in Seal cove regarding the ATV ramp being used for? The ramp is already there, signs are posted, and we have several paid enforcement officers to enforce the regulations. What was the final salary for our Town Manager? Our mayor said somewhere between $160,000 and $190,000.

That’s a nice $30,000 somewhere. I certainly would like to see that increase in my CCP and OAS. And did we need him?

We have eight councillors and a Mayor. Paradise has six councillors and a Mayor, Gander has six councillors and a mayor, Corner Brook has 6 councillors and a mayor, Mount Pearl has six councillors and a mayor. Two less councillors would be a saving of close to $60,000. Of those towns mentioned we already have the highest mil rate 7.15. How often can we reach into our pockets and come up with the money we are expected to pay? Seniors who are on a fixed income are not getting increases to come close to the rise in taxes from provincial or municipal governments.

Do you have any concerns or views on this letter? If so, let me see them in The Shoreline or somewhere. Let your council know how you feel.

Roy Rideout,
Tilley’s Rd. South

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