Council tackles Seal Cove’s rural and urban divide

By Mike Moore   |    The Shoreline

The Town of Conception Bay South has voted in favor of undertaking public and stakeholder consultations for the purposes of re-zoning vacant land across from the College of the North Atlantic in Seal Cove.

Councillor-at-Large Kirk Youden, said he’s not necessarily against the proposed residential subdivision, which will be planted on the land if the re-zoning moves forward, but he wants to stress the importance of the Town Plan.

“A lot of Seal Cove is zoned rural, and with the installation of water and sewer and all that there’s a lot of pressure on it to develop,” he said. “We really need to look at how we want that part of town to develop, and I know in some areas of town it got that mixed look because of low density development.”

Youden added he supports the development moving forward, but thinks the town should be wary of re-zoning.

Public Works Money

Council will move forward with an application for $25 million in funding for infrastructure from the federal and provincial governments.

Councillor Gerard Tilley, who heads the Town’s engineering and public works committee, said it’s a simple housekeeping application for funding for major projects the town has on the horizon.

“We’re asking for everything, hoping we get a piece of the pie,” he said.

Further to the town council meeting on Monday night residents near Steadywater Brook can expect more infrastructure upgrades moving forward, to go along with what the Town has laid out in its 2019 budget.

Council voted unanimously last week to proceed with culvert upgrades in the area at a cost of $42,248 plus HST.

Home Business Approved

Adding to the business growth of C.B.S. is the newly approved Kids R Us, a home-based business given the green light by town council during Monday night’s public meeting.

The business at 52 Middle Ridge will act as a before and after school program.

The only holdup, for now, is the pending approval from a sewage disposal and water supply systems inspector, registered with Service NL, who must ensure the existing septic system is up to standard for use by a business.

The daycare will also need to meet standard conditions set forth by the town for home-based businesses before opening its doors.

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