Town adopts rules for working alone

The Town of Paradise is embarking on a program to make working conditions for its employees safer.

Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Laurie said work has started on developing a ‘Working Alone’ policy.

The policy was announced last week, following a presentation, coincidentally, by representatives of Safety NL who lauded the Town for its efforts to maintain a safe workplace, something they recognized by presenting Mayor Dan Bobbett with the Helping Hand Safety Award.

“It’s kind of fitting that we received that wonderful safety award because this is another safety initiative that the Town is putting forward,” said Laurie. “It’s part of our commitment to provide a safe and healthy environment and to ensure that all measures are taken for the protection of our employees who are performing tasks in areas, or under conditions where they are required to work alone. The policy specifically outlines the procedures that staff follow when they work alone, or in isolation… Once the policy is rolled out there will be some training for our staff and their supervisors.”

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