Chicken of the fried and cluck cluck kind discussed at Paradise council

Paradise residents will be soon be able to pick up their fried chicken on the fly. An application to allow a drive-thru at the Mary Brown’s location at the corner of Topsail Road and Elizabeth Drive was among a bevy of commercial and residential permits approved by council in the past month.

A condition of the Mary’s Brown’s permit is that the operator erect a privacy fence along an unfenced portion of property between the restaurant and 14 Elizabeth Drive. Council stipulated the new fence cannot be extended onto the existing fence without the neighbour’s permission. The area under construction also has to be kept free of debris and garbage.
In other development news, the owner of property at 31 Stokes Road will have to wait for final approval until the public has had a chance to express any opinions on the application to build a floating dock near his property at Three Island Pond. Planning director Alton Glenn noted that if the permit is eventually approved, public access along the Crown reservation area running along the pond must not be impeded. The applicant must also secure the approval of the provincial Department of Environment and the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

• An application to build a shed or garage at 35 Blomidon Street was rejected. The property owner proposed the building would have a three-metre setback from the flanking street, which did not comply with the Town’s regulations. In a private meeting held before the public session, councillor Allan English pointed out the application had previously been approved and asked whether it was being rejected now because of the recent change in the Town’s development regulations. Glenn acknowledged the previous approval and pointed out that construction had not been undertaken before the regulations changed.

• A home-based counselling business at 48 St. Thomas Line has been given the go ahead to expand its building. Among the conditions attached to the permit is that the business owner provide off-street parking, and that it obtain a permit before parking any commercial vehicles on the site. The business is being allowed to operate for a one year with the stipulation that if any issues arise, the permit may be withdrawn.

• An application to expand a hobby farm at 754 St. Thomas Line has been rejected as the applicant wanted to keep 12 chickens and two goats, which is too many animals under the Town’s urban husbandry rules.

• Approval-in-principle has been granted to a business applying to build an office, warehouse and garage on Kenmount Road Extension.

• An eight-lot subdivision connecting Tranquil Place to Everest Street was granted approval-in-principal. The two streets are located off Ortega Drive.

• And finally, an application to operate a hair salon as a home-based business at 31 Goldfinch Drive, which is located off Karwood Drive, was given approval on condition the application is advertised and no objections from the public are registered against it.

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