Under the boardwalk… things being rectified

Holyrood councillor Jim Joy is pleased the reconstruction work along Route 60 has had the added benefit of stopping a drainage problem along the boardwalk where the town’s memory benches are located.

The chairman of the town’s infrastructure and public works committee noted that gravel and stone were building up along the base of the benches and in the nearby grassy areas because of the way water drained onto the area during heavy rainfalls.

“Basically, the problem arose from the drainage on the north side of the road on Route 60,” Joy said. “I just want to say this is certainly a special area of the town, where these benches have been installed in memory of loved ones… It certainly needed to be corrected.”

Joy said he is pleased to report the extension of a new, larger culvert that runs from Route 60, under the boardwalk and to the ocean has fixed the problem.

“That’s really good news,” Joy added. “There are still some areas that need to be addressed, but they’re on a smaller scale and we’ll probably do them a bit later. It’s a beautiful area that many people use and it certainly needs to be maintained and enhanced.”

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