Paradise enhances security

The Town of Paradise has plans to strengthen its security practices at the Rotary Park Youth Community Centre, which connects to the Paradise Double Ice Complex.

Recreation committee chairman Paul Dinn asked his colleagues for approval last week to order new electronic key fobs for the all users of the building.

“We’ve always talked about monitoring and safe access to and from our Rec Centre,” said Dinn. “As you know, the facility is quite big and people come and go and knowing where they are within the building is key. So, what we’re looking at here is a system whereby the doors to the different sections would be accessed and controlled by a key fob system. That will allow our staff after 6 p.m. in the day to keep track of who’s in and who’s out of the building.”

Dinn said Babb Lock & Security can provide the system for some $10,900 including HST.

In a related move, council will conduct renovations in the reception area of the ice complex. “We did discuss this previously,” said Dinn. “The current set-up there is not conducive really to monitoring and keeping track of who’s in and out of the building. Plus, the location of our main desk (is a problem) – it’s located substantially away from the main entrance and it’s located in an area with a high ceiling.”

That latter point, said Dinn, makes it hard for staff to stay warm with cold air coming in from the arenas.

“So, what we’re looking at here is engaging an engineering firm to look at the movement of that location out towards the front of the building in a more enclosed area,” Dinn said. “We’ve gone out and received three quotes and the group that came forward with the lowest quote was SNC Lavalin.”

That company will now provide design drawings at a cost of $6,670 HST included.

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