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Piece By Piece: Paradise Strikes Deal With Topsail Road Home Owners For Roundabout

By Craig Westcott   |   The Shoreline

The Town of Paradise is moving forward with the purchase of portions of land in the area around the roundabout that’s under construction at Topsail Road, McNamara Drive and Clearview Heights.
Infrastructure and Public Works Committee chairperson Deborah Quilty made the motion that the town buy land and easements at 1602, 1604, 1621, and 1641 Topsail Road.
No purchase prices were specified at the public council meeting regarding the land acquisitions.
After the meeting, Quilty explained the acquisitions are not expropriations. “I don’t have the details with me here now, but it is some property that is required to construct that roundabout.”
Quilty said as far as she knows, the Town was able to work out sale agreements with all of the property owners affected. “Most of them are ready to go, basically,” she said. “These kinds of things need to be done rather quickly because obviously you have contractors and people who want to get this work done and out of the way before winter sets in.”

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