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Paradise Buys More Gear To Track Speeders

The Town of Paradise is buying two more radar detection signs in the hopes the information they provide will lead to measures to deter speeders.
The motion to buy the Black Cat Radar Detectors was made by council’s infrastructure and public works committee co-chairperson Deborah Quilty. The two units cost a combined $8,698 plus HST.
“This is just part of our ongoing effort to control the speeding problems that we seem to be experiencing here from time to time,” said Quilty. “Everybody here knows we have been putting out whatever methods and means we have available to collect data to tell us where the speeding problems exist and we’re finding at public works that they do help, they give us a good idea of the streets, the amount of traffic that goes through at what speed limit, the time of the day and all those things. So, it’s very, very important information that we get from those particular (devices).”
Mayor Dan Bobbett added that in places where speeding is determined to be a problem at specific times of day, the Town’s good rapport with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary allows it to give the police a call “and they can work with us to curb that activity in that area.”

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