Town of CBS renews funding for Manuels River Centre

The Town of Conception Bay South has signed on to help fund the Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre for another four years.

Mayor Terry French made the commitment on behalf of the Town in a Memorandum of Understanding presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Manuels River Natural Heritage Society. It commits the Town to providing the centre with $120,000 a year for the next four years.

“The Centre is a true economic driver for Conception Bay South because it has the ability to attract people to our Town. It’s become a hub for hosting high-class events and offering first-class visitor experiences through its educational programming and family-oriented services,” said French. “The Centre is a significant tourism driver that plays an important role in our community.”

French noted the Town has been a long-time supporter of the centre and fulfilled a capital pledge of $141,250 per year for eight years in 2017. That pledge was key to securing other government, business, and individual capital donations that followed to make the $6 million centre possible, he said. “The Town looks forward to continuing a strong partnership with the Manuels River Natural Heritage Society,” said the mayor.

“Manuels River is extremely appreciative of the support it has received, and continues to receive, from the Town of Conception Bay South,” said Don Sword, chairman of the Manuels River Natural Heritage Society. “This multi-year funding commitment demonstrates the value the Town places on this building and all it has to offer.”

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