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Old borders getting new signs

By Craig Westcott/March 3, 2023

Most of the various communities that make up Conception Bay South will soon see new signs proclaiming their respective names to drivers and passers through.

Economic development and tourism committee chairman Paul Connors told his colleagues on council last week that ACOA has approved some $65,699 for the “Wayfinding Signage” project. 

“This is an exciting project,” said the councillor-at-large. “We applied for some funding through ACOA to do a wayfinding and it’s preparation for our Savour CBS (event) that will be going on in October. But what this program is going to do is allow us to put signs back where the communities are. So, as you’re driving along Route 60, you’ll know when you are entering Foxtrap, or Kelligrews, Seal Cove, Chamberlains, Manuels, so that those types of identities will be there.”

Connors said the signs will also be placed along the T’railway.

“So, you will know exactly where you’re to,” he added, “if you’re in Long Pond, or Lawrence Pond, or if you’re in Topsail, then you will know where you are to. So, it’s a nice project.”

When CBS was amalgamated 50 years ago, it took in nine communities – Topsail, Chamberlains, Manuels, Long Pond, Kelligrews, Lawrence Pond, Seal Cove – and eventually and despite its resistance, Foxtrap, which is located in the middle of the town. But some of those communities also had distinctive communities within them, such as Kelligrews, for instance, which included Middle Bight and Riverdale, and Foxtrap, home to Greeleytown, Peachytown and other distinctive areas.

On a related note, council also renewed its membership last week in the Grand Concourse Authority, which helped create many of the walking trails on the northeast Avalon. The annual fee is $8,883.

“The Grand Concourse is a very valuable resources to us,” Connors noted. “They’re involved in many of the developments that we do in our Town, and we have a great working relationship with them.”

Mayor Darrin Bent agreed with that assessment. “It’s a fantastic organization. They do a lot of work out here in maintaining our trail system and grooming and all kinds of things – including fixing up and cleaning up, unfortunately, sometimes,” he added. “But they’re a great group to be part of.”

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