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Holyrood mayor feeling grateful

By Mark Squibb/September 16, 2022

Holyrood Mayor Gary Goobie spent a few moments of his opening remarks during this week’s council meeting to thank residents for complying with different rules and regulations.

First, he thanked off-road motorists for abiding by trail regulations.

“Throughout the summer, I have observed, and I’m sure you all have as well, the high number of quads and side-by-sides traversing throughout our town, particularly on the railbed and along the new-and-improved boardwalk,” said Goobie. “And I have to say, I haven’t had one single complaint from anyone. And, from what I observed, the operators were very respectful and mindful of their surroundings, especially approaching pedestrians on the boardwalks.”

The mayor said it proves that ATV drivers and walking pedestrians can co-exist along the trails.

Goobie also extended his thanks to residents for complying with the recent provincial government fire ban.

“Conditions were extremely dry, and the fire risk was at extreme levels,” said Goobie, noting the Holyrood Fired Department only “had to deal with a couple of minor incidents in which residents didn’t really understand the condition of the ban, and were quick to extinguish their fires.

“I will say that our fire department was on high alert during that time, and thankfully never had any serious incidents to deal with, so once again, thank you to our residents for their patience, understanding, and compliance,” he added.

That fire ban was lifted at midnight of August 16.

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