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Keep eye out for vandalism, Gosse asks

By Mark Squibb/June 2, 2022

Conception Bay South Deputy Mayor Andrea Gosse is calling upon residents to report acts of vandalism within town.

“I have a couple of notes to bring forward, and the first is an unpleasant one,” said Gosse during the round table discussion at the most recent public council meeting. “It’s in relation to some recent vandalism that we’ve had in the town. We’ve seen an increase in vandalism and graffiti in areas across town.”

Gosse said the vandals focused on playgrounds and other public areas.

“This doesn’t only just damage property, it also comes at a cost to the town and taxpayers,” she said.

Gosse went on to say that damaged equipment often needs to be repaired or replaced— at a cost.

“Sometimes this can get expensive,” said Gosse. “And it adds up as we have multiple incidents.”

She encouraged residents to report any vandalism or graffiti that they see around town.

It’s not the first-time vandalism has been broached in Conception Bay South council chambers, and unfortunately, won’t likely be the last.

During the April 5 meeting, Mayor Darrin Bent condemned recent acts of vandalism and graffiti committed at the new accessible playground under construction in Long Pond, saying the words and images spray painted on town infrastructure constituted a hate crime and that the police had been contacted.

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