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Spaniard’s Bay faces sudden boil water order

By Mark Squibb/May 12, 2022

A malfunction with the town’s chlorination system called Spaniard’s Bay Town Manger Tony Ryan back to the office on the very first day of a well-deserved vacation.

“I had to get in touch with the town manager and draw him away from his restful first day of holidays,” said Mayor Paul Brazil. “The chlorine system failed at the pumphouse.”

Brazil explained that professionals from St. John’s had to be called that same day to deal with the problem.

“They discovered that an injector in the pump had failed,” said Brazil. “They were able to do a temporary fix, and an injector is ordered.”

That was May 2, and the town has been under a boil order since then as the waterlines are being flushed.

That order is expected to be lifted in the coming week.

The work to fix the malfunction is quoted at $2,725, HST not included, plus a delivery fee from Ontario.

The motion was made to approve the purchase and get the new part installed as quickly as possible.

“Right now, everything is working okay, we’re just hoping the temporary fix holds long enough to get the injector piece,” said Brazil.

With any luck, Ryan will also be able to enjoy the rest of his holidays without any further malfunctions of emergencies.

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