Paradise approves trail to Holy Family Elementary

By Mark Squibb/April 7, 2022

Get your walking shoes on. Paradise council has approved the construction of two new walking trails.

The first trail is designed to provide a safe walkway for residents of the Adam’s Pond subdivision to get to Holy Family Elementary on St. Thomas Line.

“A trail is being developed from Copper Canyon Close to St. Thomas Line,” explained councillor Deborah Quilty during Tuesday night’s public meeting. “The trail, together with the new sidewalk plan for St. Thomas Line, will create a new pedestrian connection to join the residents of Adam’s Pond subdivision with the Holy Family School and other St. Thomas Line destinations.”

Quilty said the trail and sidewalk connection was brought forward by the Town as a solution to concerns raised by some residents and is about 70 metres long.

The Grand Concourse Authority provided an estimate of just over $23,600 to construct the trail along with an additional $10,00 for a fence. The trail will be a part of the Grand Concourse Trail Network within Paradise.

Councillor Patrick Martin voiced his support for the project.

“I know I have received a lot of calls from members of the public, and I’m pretty sure a lot of other members of council have too,” said Martin. “This is going to be a great addition… it’s definitely going to be well used.”

Councillor Glen Carew echoed Martin’s statement.

“Residents are definitely happy to see a quicker access for kids to get up to the school,” said Carew.

Council also approved a 150-metre extension to the Octagon Pond Trail.

“The trail is an offshoot of the main trail that ends in a scenic rest area that includes a bridge across the river,” said Quilty.

The trail is being extended along the pond edge behind properties on Topsail Road.

The Grand Concourse Authority provided an estimated cost of about $50,400 for that one.

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