Paradise regulation change may be the bee’s knees

By Mark Squibb/March 3, 2022

The Town of Paradise’s planning and protective services committee submitted to council a number of minor amendments to the town’s development regulations at this week’s public meeting, and one of those amendments is sure to cause a buzz.

Under the current agricultural regulations, folks in Paradise may technically own a single beehive, so long as it’s in their backyard and 13 metres from any property boundary.

That regulation, however, makes owning a beehive practically impossible.

“It has come to the Town’s attention that this 13-metre setback is so restrictive it inevitably prohibits anyone from having a beehive, because the standard is nearly impossible to meet, due to standard lot sizes in residential areas,” explained Deputy Mayor Kim Street. “A resident has requested that the standard be changed, and based on a review of other municipal standards and discussions with Adelaide’s Newfoundland Honey farm, a setback of 3.75 metres is proposed,” said Street.

Council voted that the amendment be subjected to public consultation before final approval.

People who keep beehives on their property of course harvest the sweet honey directly from the hive, which is just lovely on a slice of toast or mixed with some green tea. But from the hive you can also harvest beeswax, which can be used to make household items such as candles, soaps, and lip balms, as well as pollen, which is often touted as a healthy supplement.

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